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Intervals suck; more nuggets of wisdom

No matter how many times I do them; no matter how effective they are; intervals just suck. The workout plan for today called for 6×400’s; and when I plugged my most recent 5k time into the McMillan running calculator; it translated into a 1:20-1:29 400.

Well I don’t have access to a track this time of year; so off into the woods I went to my quarter mile loop.

Nadda once did I successfully run a .25 mile run in 1:29. Best was 1:30; worst was 1:41. Ah well. It still hurt; and I was pushing as hard as I could without someone else there to chase me (I do better with intervals if I have someone to chase/chasing me down).

The iPod has to be the best invention for running since Gatorade.
I was looking back at a few (3 specifically) bad training runs recently; and one was my own fault for trying to push too hard thru an interval workout; but the more common theme was the lack of music.
Seems like every time I run without; my workout goes horrible.
This weeks intervals were faster and longer (total distance) but I finished them. Last weeks interval workout I couldn’t even finish it– no iPod.



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