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24 hours left

Well I’m “Frank Flat” is officially sitting on the living room couch. Frank Flat– the lifeless race apparel for tomorrow.

I’m inexplicably nervous about the race tomorrow. I know I can run the distance; I have a good idea of the time to expect; but I’m still nervous.

I think that I’ve been working so hard for so long; I’m worried I’ll let myself down with a poor showing tomorrow.

Maybe I’ll “hit the wall” at mile 8 and have to walk 5 miles back. Maybe I’ll start too fast and burn out. Maybe I’ll start too slow and never reach any of my time goals. Maybe I’ll do fine.

So I’ll go; and I’ll run this race; and then I’ll have to bolt to get to work. Gotta love 2nd shift. I requested the day off; but too many people with more seniority already requested the day.

I don’t know for sure I’ll even be able to stay for the awards to see how badly I was beaten.

Different note:: hometown races are great. I’ll actually get my stepmom out there; with my wife; and possibly my buddy Brent all on the course yelling at me.
Then of course dear old dad, we will run right behind the car lot he works on so I’m sure he’ll mosey on back to see how I’m doing.
Gotta love a nice support group.

Off to carbo-load on a big bowl of spaghetti-



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