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hip pin surgery

Ouch. That kinda hurt.

Yesterdays race: worst finish ever. Mainly because I did not finish.

Hip pain that started wendsday; apparently; was a broken femoral neck.
Lamens terms: i had broken the biggest; strongest bone in the human body. And I ran more than half the race like that.

My first 3 miles were smokin fast with a 6:40; a 7:04; and 7:05 splits. Then I started to hurt. Next mile: 7:15. Then 7:49. Then 9:50. Then 14:56. Then my worst was 18:4x.
My final .2 was sizing up to be a 22 minute mile when I threw in the towel.
That’s 8.2 miles on a broken hip. Man; adrenaline is a darn good drug.

Got a ride from a police car down to the start; where good friends helped me to the massage table (I’m originally thinking it’s a hip-flexor problem).
She rubbed and rubbed and it got no better; at which time my wife said it’s time to go to the MD. I refused at first stating I had to go to work. Lol.
I’m not much of a hardass or anything. I seriously just wanted a cortisone shot for pain and let me go.

MD immediately did X-rays; and he said it looks suspect like it could be broken; and he rushed me to the ER for an MRI. MRI confirmed it was a broken femoral neck.
They said surgery was needed RIGHT NOW.
Within 5 minutes I went from this is an unknown problem; to it’s broken; and before that could set in; found I need surgery. Now I have 3 pins in the femur holding it together.

I will be out of work for 4-6 weeks; and probably out of running commission for 6 months or better.

I guess maybe I should change the blog title from just run to just walk now; lol. They say I’ll be using a walker at first then graduating to crutches pretty soon.

I’ll keep this blog updated; tho; with process back into walking; and eventually making the transition back to running again.

Big big props and a major “thank-you” to Josh and his kind wife Iris
And a blogless (super fast masters runner) named RJ Scott.
All three helped me moving around when I couldn’t do it on my own manpower and they were all super-cool about it (not making me feel as hopeless and helpless as I actually was)

Not to mention that one lady who stopped her own race; grabbed me by my waist; and said ” I have nothing to lose. If you want to finish; I will finish with you.” and proceeded to walk to last few steps I could muster with me. I have no idea who she was. But to me; she is/was the epitome of team work and the tight knit community that is “road racers”. She was willing to give up her race to help me finish mine. That’s a real winner.

I’ll be keeping this updated; per some advice; on how I’m getting better and the plan from here on out.



4 thoughts on “Ouch. That kinda hurt.

  1. Oh man, that stinks! You were blazing fast when I saw you at the first turnaround. Totally impressive. All the way down the hill I was thinking I should’ve gone with you back to the start. I was relieved when Josh said you’d made it back and were on the way to the doc.

    Looking forward to following your recovery on your blog. Who wants to run in winter anyway?

    Also, when your wife wants to get ready for her next 5K I’d be glad to join her for some greenway runs while you recuperate.

    Posted by Iris | November 14, 2010, 9:32 pm
  2. Glad to hear you plan on keeping up the blog. The morphine button could make for some interesting posts.

    Posted by Barefoot Josh | November 15, 2010, 5:05 am
  3. Wow. What unbelievably rotten luck.
    Read about it on Josh’s blog.
    I think your blog will be good therapy for you, and will make a dramatic comeback story.
    Good luck with the recovery!

    Posted by ac | November 15, 2010, 6:11 am


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