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Injury, Recovery

8 days later

Well; I’m 8 days post injury now. I’m starting to get pretty good with a set of crutches; although they are absolutely exhausting still. Steps aren’t nearly the challenge they were last Sunday. I guess I have to take progress where ever I can.

I’m able to get up and get out of the house now….which is a real nice change of pace. Went to the mall Friday to do a little Christmas and Saturday went to dinner with a couple friends.

Otherwise; life is pretty ok. I’m ready to get back to working and all; but; the MD says I’ve got a long while still; so I’ll just kick back on the couch and watch some tv; and hope my legs don’t completely rot away before I can get back to running 🙂



One thought on “8 days later

  1. I know a guy who broke his ankle at a trail race last year. He was out for many weeks.
    I just saw him yesterday, back at the same race. This time finishing 9th overall.
    Time flies. Before you know it, you’ll back at Danville getting your revenge

    Posted by ac | November 22, 2010, 2:37 am

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