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Week 2 of Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is dull. I may have already said that though. But none the less; I’m going to keep at it. I’m hoping it’s doing some good. The physical therapist keeps looking for something that’s either challenging and/or painful so she has something to “fix”. Nothing yet though. She has me doing several stretches that … Continue reading

No More Walking Apparatus!

And other exciting news!   Visited the MD yesterday. He was nicer than normal. (I typically find him to be too short and rushed…I think he knew I’d be getting the first bill later that afternoon; and once I saw his $30K price tag for services rendered; he figured he had better smile and be … Continue reading

I may reget this later….

but at least for today; I got something  I’m going to call exercise.  1.33 miles. walking with a cane. i went out thinking about one loop; and ended up doing two.  Felt really good to get out and do something.  Best of all: no pain. that’s a lie. No hip pain. That’s more like it. … Continue reading