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I may reget this later….

but at least for today; I got something  I’m going to call exercise.  1.33 miles. walking with a cane. i went out thinking about one loop; and ended up doing two.  Felt really good to get out and do something.  Best of all: no pain. that’s a lie. No hip pain. That’s more like it. My feet hurt like  I had ran 100 miles. I’m going to blame it on the Nike Shox I wore (instead of; well; any other shoe I own). I was also under dressed; thus causing “I’m cold” pains (hands; ears; etc).  Blue jeans; tee shirt; and a leather coat. I was thinking of the running philosophy of “dress like its 15 degrees warmer than it actually is”. This does not apply to walking. Let me repeat that for those who missed it: IT DOES NOT APPLY TO WALKING. 34 degrees felt like 34 degrees; not 49. If I go out again; I will be better prepared. Better socks to keep feet warm; running shoes hoping that’s why my feet hurt; and a pair of gloves.    I half way want to go at it again tomorrow. But the other half of me doesn’t want to over-do it. But what’s overdoing it if nothing hurts?  Hmmm…. Maybe I should take tomorrow off and do it again Saturday. Maybe I should wait for the doc to send me to physical therapy before I do anything.  But I have it figured that walking around the mall like I’ve been doing while Christmas shopping has BOUND to be a half-mile or more worth of walking; by the time I walk the entire mall top and bottom floor.


Anyway;   the results are here. I was stopped by a fellow I work with; which added about 15 minutes to the total time. So 35 minutes to walk a little more than 1.3 miles. Doing the math; that’s about a 26min/mile moving pace.  Epic slow. But I had a blast doing it. And who cares that it was more than 350% slower than I used to be. I’m back out there; doing something other than being a couch potato.  I didn’t care about pace today much; because I was worried if I went too fast I’d end up hurting.

My wife said “You’re an idiot” when she called as I was finishing; referring to what she deemed to be an extreme moment of intelligence when I decided I could walk again. I got it figured like this though; if I’m ever going back to work (which is 8hrs a day; 6-7 days a week; on my feet all day on concrete for those who don’t know my job); I think having the ability to walk for 30+ minutes will be helpful. Maybe she was right though; I dunno. I suppose I will know if i wake up at 4AM writhing in pain; or if I can’t get out of bed tomorrow without loritab; that she was right.

Otherwise; I will try it again soon.






5 thoughts on “I may reget this later….

  1. Nice work! According to the Run to Victory email, you could do the 5K and be well under the maximum 30-minute/mile pace. Not saying you should really do that, but it’s good to know you’re in the ballpark already, right?

    Your Garmin stats are making Josh kind of wish he had one, btw. Thanks a bunch.

    Posted by Iris | December 10, 2010, 8:51 pm
  2. Coding snafu. Looking at your source code, the Walmart link opened an href tag, but there’s no closing tag. I stuck one at the beginning of my comment to see if it would close your tag. Let’s try this:

    Garmin at Walmart

    Posted by Iris | December 11, 2010, 12:57 am
  3. You’ll be glad not to be in the rain at Victory this Sunday, btw. I enjoy rainy-day runs, but I don’t think it would be very fun at a leisurely crutch-walk pace. And don’t overdo it!

    Josh claims he doesn’t really want a Garmin, which means he probably does.

    Posted by Iris | December 11, 2010, 1:01 am

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