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No More Walking Apparatus!

And other exciting news!


Visited the MD yesterday. He was nicer than normal. (I typically find him to be too short and rushed…I think he knew I’d be getting the first bill later that afternoon; and once I saw his $30K price tag for services rendered; he figured he had better smile and be patient and nice for once.)

Anyway. He told me to ditch my cane; and to start physical therapy 3x a week for 3 weeks. While I was there; I asked about a bone density test (to soothe the mind of my mother; grandmother; and about a dozen other know-it-alls that tell you what you need to do when you’re sick). The doc actually laughed at me. Laughed. Outloud. I must’ve looked confused; because he then explained my injury was an overuse injury; that he was sure it started as a stress fracture that I made worse from continuing to run on it. He said my bones burned up his drill trying to put the pins (screws; whatever you want to call them) and he had to find another. Guess that answers that question.

I also asked him about possible causes. He told me not to wear racing flats anymore (especially in a half marathon…he looked at me like I was stupid when  I told him about it)…


….but no racing flats? man. that adds 1-2% to my total time. Which bumps my 5k above 20 minutes again. Hmm. Maybe I need to ask him about next time. Shorter races; lighter shoes? within reason?  I mean; my flats aren’t super light like the Mizuno Wave Universe (3.8oz! for a real shoe! wow… much lighter than the “barefoot shoe”)  I wear used to wear  the Brooks T6 racer; if you’re curious.


Anyway. I was told no more racing flats; still no running; but I can swim; ride my bike; and  do some physical therapy. He lead me to believe that I may be working again by mid-January. That’s really exciting.


My first physical therapy session was yesterday. It went well; albeit boring. They say they have to start somewhere; but man it was dull. I asked the therapist about “exercise”. She went against the MD in saying she didn’t want me to start yet; but I think it was because she saw how bad I am at walking now. (Gangster lean like you wouldn’t believe. A pimp’s got nothing on this walk).  She didn’t want me to reinforce bad habits and make them permanent. I agreed; and so I’m doing a few exercises to help the lean out also. It’s funny; it doesn’t hurt to walk normally nor leaning; but I can’t seem to make myself walk normally.


Next session of PT is Monday.



2 thoughts on “No More Walking Apparatus!

  1. There has been some serious questioning of conventional running shoe wisdom lately. You should do a little looking around to see if cushioned shoes prevent injury as advertised.

    I suppose your doctor would dismiss me as either a crazy sadist or a rare physical specimen for running without shoes; but I think if you’re running in a way that cracks dense bone, learning how to be gentler might prove more successful than adding bounciness to your feet.

    But I’m a drama school dropout, so take that into consideration.

    Posted by Barefoot Josh | December 19, 2010, 4:49 am
  2. Congratulations on losing the cane! Sorry about that giant bill though. Maybe your pins are platinum—and even diamond-encrusted—to match your pimp walk?

    Posted by Iris | December 19, 2010, 8:12 pm

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