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This blog may move soon…input needed.

So I’m already aggravated with the wordpress.com limitations….which really sucks; because it’s an awesome software set. But the lack of widgets and theme’s I can tack on/make changes to and link issues are enough to get to me to move on and move up. For example; I’d like to be able to add this to … Continue reading

Two week running schedule

I mentioned that the MD (should I start calling him a DR so there is no Maryland confusion?) has me on a pretty light schedule. He and I discussed it (read: negotiated) and here’s where we settled: 2.5-3 miles; three times a week; for about two week. Then I return and take some more X-rays … Continue reading

I’m Bacccckkkkk……..

Well; I’m officially back now. Sort of. The MD has me on an extremely light (IMO) schedule for a couple weeks; and then I’m headed back to him to take more x-rays again and see if  the bone still looks solid. The pre-run was nerve racking; for sure. I was more nervous about this than … Continue reading