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Physical Therapy Is Done!

That was short and sweet; just like I hoped it would be….mainly because I saw no benefit from it. Other than the fact that it got me moving again….I did not see where I gained any real abilities back from it; but anyway.

After a return visit with the MD today; I found that I can return to work again Monday. Woot. Paychecks are nice. In a surprise twist; he also mentioned that after I return in 3 weeks; he will probably have me start running again under his supervision so he can make sure I get started without re-breaking anything. Never saw that coming; especially after he missed the return to work by nearly a month. (originally said 4-6 weeks. it’s now going to be close to 2 months when I return on Monday). His original prognosis: 4-6 weeks no work; 6 months no running.

Did another x-ray while  I was there; and there is no visible trace of broken bone anymore.


Left Turn: What does a runner do when he can’t run? Whatever is was you did before he ran, duh. For me; it’s an interest in car stereo and photography. So I’ve gotten back into both full swing.  I finally got started and nearly finished on the big build in my tahoe that I have put off for nearly a year. Never seemed to have time to work on it while trying to run. Go figure.  But it’s almost done now. Build a box and a few miscellaneous trim panels and i’m going to call it finished.  4 18″ subs; 13,782 watts of power; 3 alternators; 10 mid and high range speakers; 6 amplifiers; 200 ft of 1/0 power wire; 5 batteries; and 375lbs of wood & fiberglass later….its nearly done.


car stereo advice: pics or it never happened…. (click on pics; they aren’t showing up properly in the blog post)



4 thoughts on “Physical Therapy Is Done!

  1. My theory is that your recovery went faster than the doc predicted because you were in good shape when the hip broke. Doctors are used to treating people who barely get off the couch. It’s very cool that he’s encouraging you to run again. Have you set a goal for your first post-injury race?

    All that car stuff is incomprehensible to my brain, but I bet your Celine Dion CDs sound awesome now!

    Posted by Iris | January 7, 2011, 8:18 pm
    • Goals: idk yet, honestly.

      My original plan (banking on 6 months without running) was to walk the first 3 races in the Championship then convert to running the last 3… And not to another half until the Cannonball in Greensboro next Oct…..

      Now that the MD is going to release me sooner; I have to rethink it all; not to mention I have to see what my body will let me do. If all goes well; March 19th is one of the Championship races in town; so I’m pretty sure I’ll participate; but I’m not sure if I will be a runner or a walker.
      I wanted to do the inaugural running of the Martinsville half… But who knows if I can do the distance or be competitive by then….

      Posted by pthrift | January 7, 2011, 9:44 pm
    • Almost forgot: Celine sounds good; but not quite as good as Whitney does 🙂

      Posted by pthrift | January 7, 2011, 10:37 pm
  2. I believe the children our the future.

    Glad to hear you’ll be back sooner than expected – just remember to take it easy!

    Posted by Barefoot Josh | January 8, 2011, 9:05 pm

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