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So the MD has me real excited thinking that I may be able to start running again really soon….( less than 2.5 weeks from today! woot!)

But I’ve been thinking about what made me take this 3 month  hiatus in the first place; and how I can try to avoid it in the future. I’ve got it down to one of two culprits; maybe some odd combination of both. Trouble is; if I’m wrong and do the wrong thing; I may end up injured again; and have to take more time off from work & running….which is not a good thing.


I may have covered all this before; but if  I have I don’t remember; so I’m going thru it again.

One thing is for sure: this started as a stress fracture that I misdiagnosed as a hip flexor issue; and as such I kept on running; thinking I could run thru the pain.

Theory #1  Is that in the two weeks before the Half; during a training run; I went all out coming down a hill; to see about top speed and if I could control my running form with out falling; etc. All out speed: sub-4 min/mile pace down a hill. The week before the race; I did it again. twice. In one day. That was Sunday. But I have no recollection of pain from either of those runs.  It wasn’t until Wednesday before the race that I first felt pain.  Which brings me to

Theory #2: bad/not enough shoe. The Wednesday was a tempo run; and I was still trying to break in those nifty new Brooks T6 racers I had bought (’cause they’re red. everyone knows red shoes are faster). But I was a relatively short run at 4~ish miles. Seems like I remember it hurting during the run a little bit; but major league pain after the run was finished.    Then of course I ran 8.xx miles on Saturday trying to race in said shoes.


I normally train/run in Mizuno Wave Rider 13’s….and I was getting close to retiring them in maybe another 100-150 miles or so. All that being said; before I start back running; I’m contemplating just getting a new pair of shoes (gotta love Christmas gift certificates) before I start back.  But I’m not too sure on what to buy.  According to the MD; I need more cushioning in a shoe and to ditch the brooks permanently.  But then I get to thinking about all these barefoot folks who go cushion-less and have (basically) zero injuries. Frostbite doesn’t count as a running injury in this case. So should I try less shoe? or More?


Biggest two shoes I’m considering are another pair of the Mizuno’s (especially now that they are getting cheaper because the 14 just came out) or something more minimal like the Nike Free Run. I will say though; the free run’s make me nervous; I’m worried I’ll have other issues like shin splints or knee pain with such a minimal shoe.  But the other side of that coin is that I can’t ramp up mileage very quickly; so if I’m going to make the transition to minimal shoes; now seems to be the perfect time.





3 thoughts on “Shoes…

  1. I think there’s rarely a solitary (sole?) cause of a “running” injury, and that it is still very possible to get an overuse/bad form injury while running barefoot. Especially if going barefoot is treated like a shoe that you put on and presto it makes you a better runner. It’s a learning process.

    The go barefoot (not minimalist) argument for your situation is this: if you were running barefoot, you would have felt something wrong/painful in your feet long before damage to your hip was done. You then could adjust you’re running form, dialing in on a smoothness that would make the ground feel pleasant on your feet instead of painful. Your shoes protected your feet, allowing you to run in a way so concussive that it caused damage to your hip.

    The problem with minimalist footwear is that it is still possible to pound the pavement without your feet hurting, while you’re bereft of the cushioning to help absorb the blow.

    Here’s the Grand Poobah Guru of our cult:

    Regardless of your decision, there’s a lot of valuable info in that link.

    Ultimately, the footwear doesn’t matter. The objective is to learn to run so gently that, even if you were barefoot, running wouldn’t hurt. If you learn to run gently, you can run in stilettos, or even cushy running shoes, with greatly diminished chances of damaging yourself.

    Personally, I like to run barefoot because a) I like having instant feedback b) it’s cheap c) it feels wonderful and d) I’m a show-off.

    I could blather on of course, but that’s the gist. I’ll be more than happy to stay on my soapbox if you have any questions.

    Posted by Barefoot Josh | January 11, 2011, 8:10 pm
  2. There’s a you’re/your mixup in my comment. I just want everyone to know that I know.

    Posted by Barefoot Josh | January 11, 2011, 8:12 pm
  3. small steps

    Posted by ac | January 12, 2011, 7:57 am

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