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I’m Bacccckkkkk……..

Well; I’m officially back now. Sort of. The MD has me on an extremely light (IMO) schedule for a couple weeks; and then I’m headed back to him to take more x-rays again and see if  the bone still looks solid.

The pre-run was nerve racking; for sure. I was more nervous about this than I remember being before the last race.

“what if it breaks again”
“where am I going to run”
“where am I going to run to if it breaks again; and how will I get back”
“what if I can’t do this anymore”
“what if this sucks now”
“is this going to hurt?”
“I bet I’m reduced to 15 minute miles”
“man I hope this thing doesn’t break. I gotta go to work tonight”
“is is going to hurt post-run while working all night?”

You get the idea.  I had apprehension.   But I got dressed anyway. (how do you dress for 35*?….I decided shorts and underarmour cold gear shirt and hat was enough…I was basically right). I stretched inside; it was too cold to sit on the concrete front porch.  I remember a month or so ago; just to stretch was painful. Today; even though every muscle in my body seemed tight; nothing hurt. I hemmed and hawed for a bit deciding on if headphones or not; and which route to take. I voted yes to music; and my “Glendale 5k” route.


Walk out the door. “Man, 35* is cold. Do I need gloves?” …nah. Just go for it. It’s just one foot in front of the other; right? Right foot; left foot; right; left; man…I think this is how I used to run. Doing self checks to analyze pain. 0-10 scale; at a quarter mile; I’m feeling good. Glance at watch; crap; I’m running 9:15/min miles…wow.  “Is this too fast”  I wonder. Pain scale-1. not from hip, but from heaving and cold air and general running pains. Ok.  I can make it to the first mile at least.
Next time I glance at watch; I’m now at .68 miles; still at a nine and a half~ish min/mile pace. Acceptable. Don’t wanna over do this.   Glance up; and I see I’m fast approaching Piney Forest Rd. Major road. Lots of sidewalk idiots. Do I turn back and make this 1.5 miles; or keep going for the 3 mile marker?  Eh, pain eased up from a 1 back down to a 0; lets keep going. I’m feeling good. “I can do this still”.   Someone beeps the horn at me.  “Do I know that car?” Whatever; they get a peace sign anyway.  3 stoplights; and bam I’m already past the halfway point. Glance at the watch & apparently I’ve picked the pace up some.  Here’s my left turn; then a quick right. This road is easy; it’s mostly downhill.  Then I remember. “crap. end of the road and up that hill, ugh. I hate that stupid hill when I was in good shape.  What’s it going to be like now?”

No time to worry about that; I have a 4 lane road to play “frogger” hopping across. Safely cross the road; and here’s the hill. “left foot. right foot. left foot. right foot.” One step at a time; I drag my way up. Easy going from here; though. Up a hill means back down a hill on the other side, then it’s basically flat the rest of the way. Fighting the urge to look at watch. I decide it doesn’t matter if this takes 45 minutes; so quit worrying about time.

Make the final left turn and I’m back on my street, now its just 6 or 7 tenths of a mile to finish. There’s the church I usually kick it at. Not today. Fatigue has definitely set in; and I’m ready to slow it down. I feel like I’m finishing a 10-15K.  Man I’m out of shape.  I hit where I know the 3 mile marker is; and  I can’t help but to glance at the watch.  “Does that say 27:xx?” what?  no way.



There’s my truck; and there’s the house. woo! made it! I’m not dead! “Am I hurting” comes to mind. not really. The right side is definitely weaker.  Not incredibly much so; but I notice. I sit and drink a Gatorade.  Standing back up; my legs feel like jello. I miss that feeling. The right side is OBVIOUSLY weak now. Standing up and the first couple steps have a limp that even a stranger would notice.  But it doesn’t hurt.

I didn't break into a million pieces!

Here I am sitting on the front porch deciding if I just died or if I’m ok. I decided I’m ok.

A final look at the watch tells me I covered 3.21 miles in 29:32. (That’s 9:12/mile; for those who are counting)



Anyway; that’s all for today.

No wait; I lied.Click here for a  bunch of data to over-analyze and tell me what I did wrong. (or right)



6 thoughts on “I’m Bacccckkkkk……..

  1. wow! Congrats on your quick recovery. That’s a decent run by any measure.
    I guess Josh and I will see at the Groundhog Gallup.

    Posted by ac | January 28, 2011, 5:18 am
  2. I don’t know if my impulse to tell you to slow down is from genuine concern or competitiveness.

    Welcome back, dude.

    Posted by Barefoot Josh | January 28, 2011, 5:39 am
    • If you’re concerned about me competitively; and I’m @9 minute miles; what on earth are you going to do if I ever get back down to a 7.5~ish minute pace? lol….

      Either way; the concern is nice; but honestly; the pace “felt” slow (comfortable; anyway.) I’ll see tomorrow just how comfortable it really was when I get out of bed….

      Sent from my iPhone

      Posted by pthrift | January 28, 2011, 7:42 am
  3. Wow, you’ve had an amazing recovery! Congrats on the inaugural run, but I have to say I’m a little irked that you can break a hip and still be way faster than me. That’s not cool.

    Actually, that is cool, but be careful not to overdo it!

    Posted by Iris | January 28, 2011, 8:24 pm
    • Idk if I’m actually faster than you at the moment. It was only a 3 mile run. Shorten one of your 10-mile jaunts down; I’ll be willing to bet that you could keep up, or at least be nipping on my heels….

      Posted by pthrift | January 28, 2011, 9:47 pm

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