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Two week running schedule

I mentioned that the MD (should I start calling him a DR so there is no Maryland confusion?) has me on a pretty light schedule.

He and I discussed it (read: negotiated) and here’s where we settled: 2.5-3 miles; three times a week; for about two week. Then I return and take some more X-rays to see if I’m legitimately not broken.

We actually had a shoe discussion yesterday as well; he approved of my trainers, but is skeptical of my racing flats. Apparently I’m not allowed to wear them for quite some time. I wondered what he’d say to going barefoot….

Anyway. That’s it.
I get 9 miles a week for two weeks. But the way I break my week; it’ll be more than 18 miles before I see him…. Should be 6 this week; 9 next week; and (at least) 6 the week I return.



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