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This blog may move soon…input needed.

So I’m already aggravated with the wordpress.com limitations….which really sucks; because it’s an awesome software set. But the lack of widgets and theme’s I can tack on/make changes to and link issues are enough to get to me to move on and move up.

For example; I’d like to be able to add this to a post but due to “wordpress.com software security issues” I cannot. (well i say that’s what I want to add, there’s actually a coded embed link that will give  a quick look at what I did: map; distance; time; etc that I can’t even externally link too off of wordpress.com)

I am also wanting to add a couple widgets to the side bar that automatically updates for mileage ran; total distance; etc… kinda like this


i’m about 80% sure i’ll end up using the wordpress.org software; but I have to (ugh) buy a domain. not to mention I would probably choose one better than “thriftruns.com”

I just dunno about using my name in a domain….I wish i could do something like “varunner.com” or “runva.com” …but they aren’t available..  “sovarunner.com” is available; but I’ m not sure it’s easy enough to remember/figure out. (southern virginia, for anyone slow to the catch)  It makes sense to me because of SVMBA here in town (southern VA mountain bike assoc).



cool domain names that you aren’t already trying to buy?

widgets aren’t worth a dollar a month and just stick to wordpress.com?


comment. please.



2 thoughts on “This blog may move soon…input needed.

  1. Welcome to the dark side of blogging! When free sites’ limitations start annoying you, it’s time to register a domain ($10) and host it yourself. I recommend Dreamhost for both of those things. All of my sites (and Josh’s) are registered/hosted there. DH has a super-easy one-click WordPress install option, and then you have access to a bajillion themes, widgets, and plugins. If you decide to host there, use this link and they’ll kick me a few bucks: http://www.dreamhost.com/r.cgi?248332

    Registering a domain gives you a prettier URL, and for $10/year, why not? Josh will surely have amusing ideas, but pick one that you don’t have to explain, preferably using whole words instead of abbreviations. Why not stick with ThriftRuns? Or PatrickRuns, BrokenHipsterRunning, RunningInDanville, etc. You get the idea. Makes it easier for people to find you, and your blog will index better in Google.

    Posted by Iris | January 31, 2011, 11:43 am
  2. i dunno why, but for whatever reason putting names on the internet seems like a bad idea. (dumb, considering i already have, huh? hindsight is 20/20)

    I may end up using thriftruns….

    lol@ broken hip reference, but I hope to not be known as “that guy who broke his hip running the danville half” forever….although I do have a pretty popular story, because when adah or I mention the injury, we both get a lot of: “so THAT’S the guy…”

    $10 bucks is cheap enough…I was looking @ godaddy.com for domain registration and it was like $12… and if I do host @dreamhost I’ll be sure to follow your link.

    Posted by pthrift | January 31, 2011, 12:46 pm

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