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Sick ruins Training

The title really sums this one up. When you’re sick, it makes it tough to want to get up get out and run. Which in turn ruins training. But I decided long ago no race was worth running while sick. Unless maybe it paid very well. But since I’m not getting paid to run, I’m … Continue reading

Races, races, and more races….

So, I really have to toot the horn of the local running club . They honestly put together an entire “season” of races, that let’s you race 9 months out of the year, taking the three cold months off as a break (Dec, Jan, Feb).  Most any distance you could want to run with the … Continue reading

When did I become “that guy”?

So I wake up at 10 this morning, as per usual, and check my phone too see just how many people did NOT call/text/email/Facebook me. I typically find the only people that contact me are the fabulous sellers of crap I don’t want. (tiger direct, dicks sporting good, etc). Every once in a while I’ll … Continue reading