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When did I become “that guy”?

So I wake up at 10 this morning, as per usual, and check my phone too see just how many people did NOT call/text/email/Facebook me.

I typically find the only people that contact me are the fabulous sellers of crap I don’t want. (tiger direct, dicks sporting good, etc).

Every once in a while I’ll wake up to a Facebook comment or something, but it’s usually followup to whatever I said to Someone else yesterday.

All that being said, this past week, (and today in particular) I have instantly become the “go-to guy” for all thngs
running. Someone asked about shin splints and how to get the to go away (rest was recommended. Also checking for warn out shoes)
Two more asked about the Nike iPod running program (steer clear. Runkeeper is better, has a free version to try out. )

Another wants to know why I lol’ed at him for buying Nike shox to run in. (I’m not even going there. I told him they were an awesome pair of shoes, but don’t look for much out of them for running)

This mornings Facebook conversation asked about anterior tibialis pain. I had to google to see what on earth she was even referring too, and I’m still waiting to see if it’s top of foot or shins that hurt.

So I’m curious, when did I become “that guy”? And should all these people be listening to my advice? I mean, I was the one who just broke his hip running, lol….

I’m sure some of you have similar stories. So when did it happen to you?



One thought on “When did I become “that guy”?

  1. I’ve been “that guy” my entire adult life. It started for me in college. I worked at an indie bookstore near campus and people would call or come in with totally random questions that I would find answers to, like I was a human encyclopedia/concierge/yellow pages. Still the case today. It’s a blessing/curse thing.

    The bad thing about being “that guy” is that people think you know what you’re talking about and eventually make you the boss of things whether you like it or not.

    Posted by Iris | February 9, 2011, 4:15 am

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