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Martinsville Half Marathon race review part 1

Man what a day. Awesome race. End of review. No not really. But it was truly an awesome race. Finish Time: 1:39:46. (SUB 100 minutes!! woot! finally out of triple digit finish times!!) Overall finish place-30th Place in age group-6th (Official Results Here) To be a race that was in it’s first year, you’d never … Continue reading

1 week till half marathon-my routine

I realize this is a little late, but it’s what I’ve done before every half marathon. Now I’m curious to see what everyone else does as well. The Sunday before the race, I run between 11-13 miles depending on how well I think I can place in the race. The better I think I can … Continue reading

Martinsville Half’s less than a week away. Oh yea, I ran a 5K too.

So looking at some friends blogs, I realized just how painfully close the Martinsville half really is. I’m not sure I’m ready. I know I wont be as fast as I wish I was. Ahh wait. I’m ahead of myself here. This past Saturday I ran the DDA Shamrock 5k. A basically flat, uneventful race. … Continue reading