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Martinsville Half Marathon Review part 2

Well I wish I could say that I’ve been running too much to finish this review, but I haven’t. I just took time off. From everything. Running, blogging, exercise in general and all things related to it got a 4 day holiday. And let me tell you,  I feel great for it.

I thought I would feel guilty for taking so much time off, and I originally said just a day or two, but man–after preparing to hastily for the half, it was nice to get a breather.

But now I’m back.

So I was saying about this beautiful hill, and then up and around a corner and to the finish. I couldn’t see the clock when I rounded the corner, but last I looked at my watch, it said 1:38:xx…and I knew I was pushing it close. I tried my hardest to muster up a little more speed but it just wasn’t there. After the race I realized it was the first race I have ever done “right” as far as just enough effort to get to the end, nothing left in the tank. It was wonderful.

Coming closer to the clock I finally could focus-1:39:30 and counting…quickly counting. I saw Adah at the finish line, and I yelled. I have no idea what I actually yelled, but I yelled. Loud. Like loud enough to were the announcer noticed and commented that I must be excited over my finish time. I also pointed. In my mind, this meant for my dear wife to take a picture as I crossed the finish line. She didn’t, instead she just took a picture of the finish line.

The Yell

So after it was all said and done, we went down to “the big chair”. Now if you’ve never been to see the big chair, you may be confused. It’s not a business, nor is it a place, nor is it…well let me cut to the chase. It’s literally a Big Chair. And I mean BIG. Like laughably big and I wish now I had snapped a pic of it. The big chair was where the awards ceremony was to be held. I was a little late getting  there, but I didn’t miss much, (I hope…).

I was in time to see the top overall male and female half marathoners receive their medal. Then they let a man named Doug Goldstein talk for a moment, about a foundation his family started, and his fight with colon cancer a couple years back and how much of a big deal it was for him to have run the race. He actually gave out 3 awards to some folks who had had to fight just to show up that day, one was a breast cancer survivor, another had broken his back playing soccer, and this third guy had broken his hip about 4 months before the race. (Wonder who that is…)

So I got to get up and go on stage, and receive one of the nicest awards I’ve ever gotten, and they told a little about what had happened to me (because stage fright kept me from telling my own story….)

recieving The Elster determination award


I must say, I’m honestly grateful that people apparently find my story inspiring. I just don’t think of myself that way. I just see myself as too hard headed to quit. Both then and now.  Seriously though, it was an honor to receive.


I stuck around the awards ceremony to catch Josh getting his age-group 1st place, and then I slipped off to go get an hour of sleep before going to work that night.


I had forgotten how much I like the half marathon distance. You meet more people and find out a ton more interesting story running with someone for and hour and forty minutes than you ever do just running a twenty minute run with them. Not to mention, folks aren’t as likely to carry on conversations with you while running a 5k.



Up next–race review for the workplace 5k–the Goodyear Education 5k this weekend. Its a terribly hilly course (supposedly) that’s run completely on the golf course at work. We shall see.    And to spill the beans a little early–next half marathon is in 9 days…I’m doing the Raleigh Rocks half marathon on Sunday April 10.



2 thoughts on “Martinsville Half Marathon Review part 2

  1. That is a perfect finish-line photo. You look like you’re emitting a primal scream. You ran an excellent race. Looked strong when I saw you at both turnarounds.

    I wish you had taken a photo of the Big Chair, because I did not see it at all. Passed it twice during the race, and Josh says we were standing right by it basically during the awards. And yet I did not see it. Pitiful.

    And you’re running the Raleigh Half?! The half distance is the best, I think, but of course I’m biased. Good value for your registration buck without requiring ridiculous training or ages to recover. If I weren’t doing Blue Ridge on the 16th, I would do that one, too, but BR is going to require everything I have to climb those first few miles. Good luck!

    Posted by Iris | April 1, 2011, 7:30 pm
    • Primal scream describes it about right.

      Re chair- here’s a link. You missed it because it was so big, it towered over your line of sight.One big chair

      Re- raleigh- yea, I’m goin gto do it.
      I also have my sights set on the Owls roost rumble if anyone can tell me if they give out finishers medals or not… Vein? Yes. Do I care? No. It’s a trail race, and it’s a half marathon. Give me something for doing it. I emailed race director and have gotten no response yet

      Posted by RoadRunnerPatrick | April 1, 2011, 9:29 pm

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