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2 Mile Race=Complete Success!!

Finish Time:14:10

Place-1st OVERALL


Wooo!! 1st place Overall!   Well done event, other than a couple small hiccups.   The first of which I probably wouldn’t have noticed, if I hadn’t heard some of the organizers talking about it.

“I can’t believe the shirts” they said. “I know, how’d they get that wrong?” another said to the first.

So then of course, I had to examine the shirt with a fine tooth comb to find the mistake. I looked it over once, then twice, then asked my wife if she saw it. She found it right off. The date of the shirt–April 9, 2012. Oops. Well, as long as they carefully plan, they can reuse the shirts next year!

It was obvious this was a race organized by runners. Well marked, easy to follow course. Plenty of cones, white blazes on the ground, and a ton of volunteers out there to guide you along the way.   The race finished on the track. Let me tell ya, if you want to feel like an Olympian, run a race that finishes on a track.

This was actually a benefit run for a young lady who has leukemia. They raised at least $1,000 for her already, and are planning a silent auction for her in the next couple of weeks. She was there, sitting by the finish line, cheering everyone on as they came across. She seemed to be in wonderful spirits, considering her condition.

The 2 mile and the 5k both took off together, and us 2 milers simply turned back at the one mile marker.   At the one mile marker I was in 4th overall (in either race) and 1st in my race. The pace was fast, but not something I couldn’t hold on to for either race. First mile was 6:56.   Much slower than expected.

At the turnaround I had to backtrack on the other racers, thru a singletrack trail. It wasn’t as bad as originally expected, because there wasn’t a huge turnout. Had it been 100+ runners, it would have been nearly impassable.

Its funny how short 2 miles feels, I haven’t ran that short of a distance since I’ve been back running. The track came back into view just as I was settling back into a decent pace; and I knew I had to turn up the intensity another notch. I had no idea where the #2 guy was, but when you finish on a track, you just have to go wide open.    I notice coming back on the track that something is going on underfoot, but I’m not sure what. Almost feels like a clump of mud has stuck to my shoe.

I finish strong (almost too strong, I completely missed the finish line and nearly went through the back of the shoot) and get a few pats on the back.   Finish time was 14:10. Was shooting for sub-14, but I’ll take it.  I’m handed a bottle of water, and I stop to examine this shoe that has something attached to it.

Death of a shoe

I’ve lost the tread off my  shoe! oh no! No wonder I felt something going wrong underfoot.   I change back into a pair of shoes that are still in tact, accept my award (1st place overall!!!! wooo!!!!) and stop to pose with the other 5k & 2 mile winners and the race’s benefactor.





2 thoughts on “2 Mile Race=Complete Success!!

  1. Geez, man, you ran the tread right off your shoe! Guess you won’t be wearing those in the half tomorrow. Excellent job. Congratulations on the big win!

    Posted by Iris | April 9, 2011, 2:18 pm
  2. You should run around in your shirt yelling “I come from the future!”

    Nice work – congrats!

    Posted by Barefoot Josh | April 9, 2011, 3:11 pm

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