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6 Months Post-Op

Well, it’s actually been a little more than 6 months now since I’ve had the surgery…6 months, 13 days, 7 hours…but who’s counting?? I know I’m not It’s strange to think about what the last 6 months have been like; and what they were originally supposed to be, what with the doctors original orders being … Continue reading

Didn’t Die. Just made a (temporary) disappearing act.

Ok folks. I didn’t die. But in order to catch you up, I suppose a list is in order. 1. I’ve recently ran a bunch of races that will never get a formal race report. I won some age groups, I placed in a couple, and there was one bad (good?) race that I PR’d … Continue reading

Nestle 5k tomorrow, 5-14-2011

Heading out for 5 or 6 miles today before work then the Nestle 5k is tomorrow… It’s been 6 months today since my hip was pinned… I’m amazed at how far I’ve come since then. More on that later, it’s time to run.