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Didn’t Die. Just made a (temporary) disappearing act.

Ok folks. I didn’t die. But in order to catch you up, I suppose a list is in order.

1. I’ve recently ran a bunch of races that will never get a formal race report. I won some age groups, I placed in a couple, and there was one bad (good?) race that I PR’d in but placed like 5th in my age group.

2. Speaking of PR’s, I’m down to 20:31 for a 5k according to my standards, but according to the Danville Running Club stats, I’m at a 20:22…I believe the chip timing system was a little off that day. I know what my watch said, I also know what the counter said as  I crossed the line.

3. Its been 6 months as of last week since I broke my hip. Doesn’t seem like it’s been that long. That’s a whole ‘nother post for later though.

4. Reason for blogging hiatus: Overtime. It pays well. But something had to give while I was working 75+ hours a week….blogging went out the door, and running slacked way WAY off.

5. When I say running slacked off, I mean I only squeezed in 15 miles over two weeks until last week. That was kind of the wake-up call that maybe I was spending too much time at work when I don’t have a spare 30 minutes three times a week to run.

6. I suppose it’s an effort to make up for lost ground, but this week has been a good week for running. Since last Friday, I’ve ran 7 consecutive days, and 9 individual runs. That’s right, two-a-days.  I’ve decided that no matter how pressed for time I am, I can always spare 12 minutes to run the 1.5 mile out-n-back to the end of the street and back. So on my busiest day, I slip on a pair of running shoes right before work and get that much done.

7. I made it in the local newspaper! Well, kinda. They did a whole page spread about a race and I made in one of the starting line photo’s. Apparently it’s illegal for me to copy the pic onto this blog, but if you’re curious to see the image (and a whole lot more from the race) click here.



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