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One good run leads to another…

And so it begins again…
One good run almost always leads to another.

Although I couldn’t go run 12 miles; or 10 miles somewhere exotic/new for the virtual-12-a-thon, I did make it out there a day late.

Which; considering that before Monday it had been a month since I had run; and a month before that run, I will chalk it up as a win.
Went out before work for a 3~ish mile run, and walking out the door I had no idea what route I wanted to take.

I headed up an old familiar route, but at the two mile point there is another road that forks away from where I normally go. Today I went to the other fork.

Turns out; that way is about a 1/4 mile shorter than the way I normally go. But it *seems* hillier. The normal route puts me facing one long 1/4 mile hill at roughly the 2.75 mile mark, but this way hit me with 3 or 4 noticeable rolling hills for about a mile.

Looping back near the house; I was only at 2.65ish miles; so I looped out to the end of the road & back again to finish a tad over the 3 mile mark.

At any rate; I’m gonna keep on those rolling hills in the coming weeks till they seem flat again, the I suppose it’s time to tame the anglers park hills once again.

Total distance: 3.08 miles
Total time: 00:27:46
Avg pace: 9:00 (I’m gonna round down and get my :01second off there)
Total elevation climb:117 feet (I don’t believe this is accurate)



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