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Week 4 of 2012 Training

Cold Hard Facts: Miles Ran-35.6 (up 5 miles from last week) Days Ran-5 Total Time Spent Running-5hrs 14 minutes Calories Burned-4611 Avg Speed-6.8mph (woot! that’s a step in the right direction from last week)   Talking to C who (I hope) frequently reads this craziness, whom has also suffered an injury nearly identical to mine, … Continue reading

Week 3 of 2012 Training

Cold Hard Facts: Miles Ran-30.15 (.75 less than last week) Days Ran-4 Total Time Spent Running-4hrs30mins (7 minutes faster than same mileage last week) Calories Burned-3900 Avg Speed-6.7mph Holes Dug in Yard-5. I’m late posting this one. Worked last night then slept/ran most of day today. But today is next week, and I’m here to … Continue reading

RoadID Wrist ID Slim Review

I own the RoadID wrist ID sport already. Dear wife bought it for me very shortly after I broke my hip. At first I could remember to pick it up every time I’d go running, but that (like all good things) eventually started to get forgotten. Ahh but I had a solution: just wear it … Continue reading