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2012 Lets start fresh.

Is it really next year already? I wasn’t quite done with last year just yet. Looking at mileage and serious slacking in my running habits in the last 4-6 months of the year, I really wasn’t done yet.


I believe know I got frustrated at some point, and then I started finding excuses. We all know them…”work” “vacation” “schedule” etc etc etc….  I took a new job at work, which took longer than expected to move to. I kept putting off “serious” training, waiting to be moved to a 12 hour shift where I would get some time off, instead of working 6-8hr days a week. Then after  I moved I said I gotta get used to schedule. Then it was I gotta get used to working graveyard shift. The list of BS excuses goes on and on and on.


Anyway. Something finally got my rear in gear mid-way through last month. I ran pretty consecutively for about a week and a half, but then Christmas rolled around and I took another week~ish off. Now that’s behind me, it’s time to make some predictions for 2012.


First and foremost, I’m going to go broke running this year. Which sucks. But it may be worth it. Verdict is still out, and I’ll get back to ya on that part. If I miss every other goal this year, this is one I am 99% sure I will hit.

Race plans for the year: Tackle the marathon. Twice. In May, I plan to run the New River Marathon. Then in October (I think that date is right) I’m going to try to  get in the Ridge to Bridge Marathon.    The Martinsville 1/2 marathon is on schedule, and it happens to fall on a weekend I’m off anyway, so I’ll be present and accounted for there. The Scream half marathon is another possibility, because from what I understand its basically the first half of the Ridge to Bridge.   I’ll run as many of the local 5k’s as I can, but I’m not going to stress them if I have to work or etc.

That’s a big race in March, May, July, and October. Which works nicely to be 3 months to start, and a nice break for 6-8 weeks between the middle two races, and then another ~16 weeks to try and prep big time for R2B.

Last year at this time I just wanted to get out and run. Anywhere. Any distance. Any speed. It didn’t matter. I was so ready for it.  I remember my first run back, something like 2-3 miles, I was dying and elated all at once.  This year, I plan to have more focus. I still would like to go sub-20 in the 5k again. I hit my goal of a sub-1:40 marathon last year, now I want 1:35…or even better would be 1:29:xx…. With these marathons, IDK what to expect. I guess common sense says “just finish” but of course the competitive side of me says that’s no where near good enough.  I’d love to think I could BQ, but I don’t have my hopes up on it. The McMillan running calculator says I should be in the 3:30 neighborhood with proper training.

I just mentioned “training” and “focus” in the same sentience. Uh-oh. There’s my trouble. I haven’t focused in on any one training program. They all seem like they would get the job done, however, with my crazy 2-on 2-off 3-on, then 2off 2 on 3 off work schedule, it’s hard to make a standard 4-5 day a week program work for me. I believe I will wind up modifying a 4 day schedule somehow to put 2 hard days on days off, then two easy days on days I have to work.  Kind of hard to log 20 miles in 4 hours when you’ve worked all night. But we shall see how that all pans out.

This  year, I’ve already logged 19 miles, and my first “race”. The race is a predict your time deal, so speed isn’t the key, pacing and knowing your body is. No watches allowed. The guy who won was within 3 seconds of his predicted time, which was an 8min/mile pace. Pretty nice.   I overshot thinking the field would be faster than it was, but winded up starting way too fast and coming in at 1 1/2 minutes slower than predicted because I couldn’t keep the pace.   I did my first long run of the year today, 8 total miles. 3/4 of a mile of that was warmup, though.   I suppose I may be real foolish like and attempt to run 12 miles next Thursday, but we shall see how I feel in the next couple days.


As a final note, I’m going to make one last *attempt* for a prediction for this year. How about I do my best to put out at least 52 blog entries?  That’s once a week. I wont try and say I’ll do it every day, or every Friday, or anything like that. But weekly, at some point, I’ll do my best to log an entry.  Hopefully you will be interested enough in it to comment, or at least click around some on the sight so I know you’re there.



2 thoughts on “2012 Lets start fresh.

  1. None of those excuses are BS. There are times to relentlessly push the gas pedal and put your will to the test, and there are times to focus on other changes and challenges in life. Forcing yourself to run when life is hectic (or even when you’re just not “feeling” it) might make you tougher and more resilient, but it also might make running a chore you resent. Better to slack off from time to time than to let too much oxygen blow the flame out.

    I think that is a good set of goals for the year. You’ve picked two of the most beautiful marathon courses in the region. My advice: New River is tougher than advertised, so I recommend taking it easier and focusing on finishing well. You could run the best race of your life, and still your time will (probably) be slower than a mediocre race at R2B. So use New River to get a feel for the distance. If you finish it feeling a little disappointed, that you could have run it faster, than you ran it right. Save the speed for R2B.

    I also think your half marathon goals are good. Just remember, speed work is pointless without recovery. Also, speed work is useless if you’re not recovered.

    Wait, you didn’t ask for any advice, did you? Yet here I am, doling it out as if I have a clue what I’m talking about. Some things never change.

    Welcome back to the slog!

    Posted by Barefoot Josh | January 6, 2012, 7:54 am
    • Thanks for advice. Iris also said New River is a little harder than expected. I had originally wanted to run the Charlottesville Marathon, but it’s in early April. I didn’t feel like I should push a 14 week marathon training, not to mention its only like 2 weeks after Martinsville.

      Speed work? What’s that? I don’t do that stuff, it’s bad for you. Seriously, all the plans I’m currently following are “just finish” marathon training schedules. I *hope* the extra stamina makes up for some of the lack of speed in Martinsville…. But I will willingly run hills. Lots of hills. Like plan a route in town around: man, that hill looks steep. Can I run up it?

      Posted by RoadRunnerPatrick | January 6, 2012, 1:59 pm

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