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Week 1 of 2012 Training

Week 1 is in the history books. Ran 5 days this week, a “race” on New Year’s Day. It is an interesting race in that the once who finished first is not the winner. It’s a predict your time race, so the one who gets closest time wins. This year the winner was within 3 seconds of his predicted time.

Monday had the mud run. I was running along a new route and veered off the beaten path. There was a hill I wanted to try on for size. Then the hill turned into a trail, and curiosity got the best of me as to where it went. So I followed it up and around and over again, until it came to a small mud puddle. I step to the outer edge of said puddle, and sank. Literally. To my knees. I was unfortunately about a mile and a half away from where my truck was and had to trudge back coated in mud. On the up-side, my lower legs have never looked so good since the exfoliation.

Took Tuesday off, Wednesday I ran 5 miles on the same mud-run route without the off road adventure.

Thursday I went for an easy easy 8 miles. Did a warm-up mile in vff’s, then a simple out and back.

Friday was an off day, Saturday I did the mud-route again for another 5.

I’m tired. My feet and legs are both sore. Hopefully this isn’t a sign of anything other than working 12 hour nights are a PITA and I need to buy some new steel toe boots. But I’m positive the running is a contributing factor.  Next week I should basically maintain mileage, I’ll probably bump it to an even 25. Or maybe 26 to hit 50 for the year. That’s the general plan for the year; maintain for two weeks then bump again. But maybe not. Who needs a plan? It’s just running. So when I get off in the morning, I’ll go run again. Or maybe not. We’ll see.



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