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Week 2 of 2012 Training

Cold Hard Facts:

Miles Ran-30.9
Days Ran-5
Total Time Spent Running-4hrs37mins
Calories Burned-4,011
Avg Speed-6.7mph
Holes Dug in Yard-5.

All in all, it’s been a good week. I feel better today than I did this time last week, and last week I took Sunday off. I know last week I said I would maintain mileage around the 25ish mark. So I lied. Sue me.

Monday: Ran 5 easy miles. Pretty un-memorable, being as that I can’t remember the run at all. According to Garmin, I apparently ran the hilly section of the Danville Half, plus a little loop on a gravel section at the end of the hill.  9:15/mile pace.

Tuesday: Long Run. Got up at the crack of dawn to run with new running buddy at 6am. He & I ran 6 together at an 8:45-9:00/mile pace, then I went 4 more at a slow easy 10:00/mile pace.  This actually bumped my 7-rolling day mileage to 36 miles. oops. With that in mind, I took

Wednesday: off.

Thursday: Pre-run thoughts were that my lower legs were sore. Kinda like shin splints. I really think I just need to replace my steel-toe boots at work. Ran right after work on Thursday morning. The run felt pretty ok, other than being tired. And cold. And hungry. Ran on the riverwalk trail, 9:00/mile pace. 5 Miles. Thought about Iris’s crazy 12 mile challenges today, but no way to finagle anything that even looked like 12 out of a 5 mile run. I would have tried Rosie Ruz, where you cheat, but the minimum run there is 8 miles, and honestly I didn’t feel like running 8 miles after working all night. Read more about said crazy challenges here.  Maybe I can get a “style point” for the shameless plug…? If not, looks like I gotta get drunk running in circles eating deviled eggs & hot wings dressed as cupid at midnight on the 12th of next month.

Friday: off. But I had to dig. A lot. Stupid back yard has a flooding issue, and when it floods too bad, the water seeps in under the back door. So we’re counting 4 hours of digging as a cross-training exercise.

Saturday: Met running buddy Mike again, ran 6 again in 8:35/mile pace. Then 7 more hours of digging. Again, I count this as cross-train. So Saturday was a 2-a-day. Hopefully now, however, digging is done and maybe the flooding issue it taken care of. Added two drains and 50ft of corrugated pipe underground to re-direct water from out of back-yard and into a creek that crosses the front yard.

Sunday: Got a message late Saturday night about a Sunday long run. I knew I wasn’t up for another 10 miler this week, but I met a couple guys down there anyway.  I decided that I would run a warm-up mile with them, then do my best to leave them behind after mile 1 because I only wanted 4 or 5 miles. Half the distance should equal nearly twice as fast, right? Well, here’s what I came up with.                                       After the first mile, it took a bit to speed up and go ahead and break away. It was nice though, because the mental process was that they must be chasing me down and I gotta stay out front. Both of these guys could easily outrun me on just about any given day. I decided that a fast 5k was good enough for what I wanted to do, being that I had already trotted a mile. I got it figured that I ran roughly a 24 minute 5k, which is just a hair slower than a 7:30/mile pace. I’ll take it. All day long. The extra half mile last split, I wish I could lie and say that was a true planned cool down. Nope. Just did the math wrong on the fly about how far out to go before turning back.

All in all, I’m satisfied with the week. I also signed up for the Martinsville Half Marathon, because prices go up after today. That will be my first big race of the year, it looks like.

Next week I have the intention of running 4 times, some variation of 3x6miles, and a 12 mile long run.



2 thoughts on “Week 2 of 2012 Training

  1. I’m giving you 2 style points for the plug, plus 1 for all that backyard digging since we did the very same thing in our yard and I totally know how much work that it. Also because I’m glad you’re running again, and if 12athon points are the carrot you need to keep going, so be it. Great job this week!

    Posted by Iris | January 15, 2012, 6:23 pm
    • Thanks!! I’m finally on the board! The digging really did stink. Had to do it all by hand because it’s within 2ft of where the gas line comes into the house, and city of Danville says if you use ditchwitch or similar and bust a gas line its your problem, not theirs. Glad to know it went recognized by someone other than my dear wife, who has gotten tired of sopping up water from the carpet when it rains too hard.

      Posted by RoadRunnerPatrick | January 15, 2012, 6:33 pm

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