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Week 3 of 2012 Training

Cold Hard Facts:

Miles Ran-30.15 (.75 less than last week)
Days Ran-4
Total Time Spent Running-4hrs30mins (7 minutes faster than same mileage last week)
Calories Burned-3900
Avg Speed-6.7mph
Holes Dug in Yard-5.

I’m late posting this one. Worked last night then slept/ran most of day today. But today is next week, and I’m here to talk about last week, not next week. Confused yet? I am.

Monday: Ran 6.12 miles on a the riverwalk trail. Uneventful. Wound up running about a mile and a half with a couple of other guys in the running club. Those miles were also the fastest, coming in at an 8:20 pace. Ran at 8:41 pace.


Tuesday: Day off. Rest.

Wednesday: Ran after working 12 hours Tuesday night. Left parking lot at work for a 12 mile long run. Got stopped a little way down the road by the company security guard, apparently they thought I was a bandit runner just dumping my vehicle at the plant. I calmly (albeit aggervatedly) explained that I work there, and I had just gotten off work and was running home.  I was 6 minutes in by the time they got to me. They were driving, I was running. Go me. I also “politely” asked the  security guard if I could continue my run or if he felt it was necessary to detain me any further or if we were done. I didn’t wait for his response, I just went on. Note to self. Check in with security office before heading out of parking lot, apparently. This was a rough run. Its a hilly route I took, and it’s an out and back. That of course means that what goes down must also eventually go up. And the way back, up I went. First mile: 7:55. Worst mile: 10:16. Blow up much? I did. Total average pace: 9:20/mile

Thursday: Got up at 5am to meet my running partner for a 6am 6 mile run. I was spent. Completely. Griped the whole way. Wondered if he was going to abandon me for future runs for fear of listening to me complain. He happily listened. Which is why I’ll go run with him again.  Drug along at a 9min/mile pace.

Friday: Planned to take a day off on Friday. However, weather.com predicted ran and cold on Saturday, and cold and snow on Sunday. Friday at 3pm was 55* and the sun was shining. Needless to say I opted for a Friday run and took the weekend off. 6 miles, wound up with the guys from Monday again. We seem to stumble into each other a lot. Really pushed the pace on the last 1/2 mile. Garmin says overall the effort was good for an 8:34/mile pace.

Check Mile 6....

Saturday: Day off. Worked all weekend.

Sunday: Off. It did snow, for about 20 minutes. Covered the truck and the mulch. Danville ran out of milk and bread in a 30 mile radius. It’s a strange phenomenon, how every person in the city needs a gallon of milk and a loaf of bread 3 minutes after it starts snowing. Did no-one in the city buy groceries yesterday and get milk?  /end rant.


Next week’s plan (this week, I suppose) is 14mile long run, 6×2, and maybe an 8ish miler. Or maybe a 4 and a 5. Preview of next week: 14 already done.



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