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Week 4 of 2012 Training

Cold Hard Facts:

Miles Ran-35.6 (up 5 miles from last week)
Days Ran-5
Total Time Spent Running-5hrs 14 minutes
Calories Burned-4611
Avg Speed-6.8mph (woot! that’s a step in the right direction from last week)

Talking to C who (I hope) frequently reads this craziness, whom has also suffered an injury nearly identical to mine, same hip pinning and all. She has since gotten a coach to help guide her through training for Boston this year to try to ward off any further injury. (Boston! Less than a year after a hip pinning! Wow!) She was kind enough to share a couple weeks of her training schedule with me, since she and I are currently at roughly the same weekly mileage. After studying it for a long while, I see a few trends.  1. Exercise in some form almost every day. 2. Cross training won’t kill you, and it’s probably better for someone coming off injury to use x-training to build endurance without beating on the legs 6 and 7 days a week. 3. I feel like I need a slightly longer mid week run.  This week for example, instead of 14, 6×2, 5×1, 4×1; I should try 14, 6×2, 9. Same mileage, more resting.
I didn’t heed my own advice on #3, but, I’ll at least keep it in mind for next week and in the future. I did however try the x-training with crunches and pushups and spinning on the bike. I’ll just have to trust that this is doing some good. Time will tell.
I’ve also started attempting to eat a little better. Water with meals instead of soda’s; baked potato instead of french fries, etc.  I know I could stand to drop off 10 pounds before my next race, and I was nearly 20 pounds lighter for the Martinsville 1/2 last year.  I’m not going on some crazy diet, but I hope to cut back on the small indulgences will do a lot to trim back down to race weight.

Monday: Long Run for the week. 14.01 miles. Followed the Danville 1/2 marathon course, but started at mile six, and ran miles 6-13, then ran mile 1-6. The extra distance came in by extending the 1.5 mile turn around by a bit, then an extra loop out in Anglers park. Took 2hr13min, which comes to a 9:30ish pace

Tuesday: 6 miles at 6am with Mike. He and I have decided to start trying to push the pace some. He has a 5k on his mind in March, and I of course have the Martinsville 1/2 in mind. We did 2 very hard surges. I usually play catch up, letting him get maybe 20 or so yards out front of me and I try to catch him. Best I can figure from garmin data it was roughly a 7minute/mile surge, but the entire run was just a hair under 9min/mile pace.

–at 1am on Wednesday (that’s Tuesday night, for those not paying attention) I did 4 sets each of pushups and crunches. 4×12 pushups & 4×25 crunches.

Wednesday: Rest day. Went to Greensboro before work and picked up the Kinetic Road Machine. Super nice machine. Well built, it’s without a doubt a better piece of machinery than I can handle.

Kurt Kinetic Road Machine

Thursday: Spun for 30 minutes on bike. Originally planned on 1 hour. Forgot how badly your posterior can hurt on a road bike. Cut my loses short before I couldn’t sit for the next few days. Also did 4×25 crunches and 4×12 pushups.

Friday:  5.45 Miles. 46:27 Time. Had on my mind to try fartlek’s. I haven’t done anything remotely similar to speed work in months and months. I did well, but fought a tough head wind most of the way, so times didn’t reflect it. Only perceived effort.

Saturday: Ran 6 with Mike again, not at 6am this time however. At 11:30 we went for 6 miles, finished in 50:10. Several hard pushes, 2nd mile was 7:29, did an all out sprint at the 3 mile mark for roughly 1/5 of a mile. The sprint was at a 6 min/mile pace. We both obviously blew up after this, slowing to an 8:50 then a 9:03 mile following it up. We also took roughly a 1 minute walk break. Picked it back up for the last mile, and the total effort was 8:17/mile pace. This was our best run on the 6 mile loop we do to date, beating our previous best time of 52:xx.

Sunday: Plan was 4 miles in 30 minutes. I had no real idea if I had it in me, and after mulling around the house all afternoon dreading the run, I finally got dressed and laced up around 4:30pm. I headed out the house, and drug on forever. The first 1/4 mile I was running at a 9min/mile pace.
Then a light switch went off. I’m not sure it was a conscious thought, but the pace hastened. A lot. It did not, however, feel hard at this point. Mile 1: 7:33. I can do this; I’m thinking. Mile 2 was on Piney Forest Road, which at 4:30pm on a Sunday afternoon is extremely busy. I believe this helps my pace. I push harder, I want to look fast as people pass. Never know who may be headed by me and I don’t want them to think: geez, that guy runs slow. Mile 2: 7:16. Mile 3: Doubts enter my head. Can I hold this ridiculous pace? Even at a few seconds slower, it’s hard and I’m feeling it. Thankfully a downhill hit and I picked up the pace a little bit again. 7:41 pace.  Mile 4 has one last short but steep uphill followed by a short steep downhill. I was really fighting to hold on at this point, and just told myself if I run fast enough I could be done in as little at 7 minutes. Some motivation, huh?  I turned a 7:45 mile.  After finishing, I was hurting. Everything from my knees down hated me for an hour or so. Definitely a confidence booster. Makes me want to get back on a track again and see how I fair with a grueling track workout.
Later on in the evening I did 4×12 pushups and 4×25 crunches.

Still not sure on what next weeks plan will include. I may cut mileage, if not in week 5 it will definitely be cut in week 6. Not permanently, but just for one week. Down to 25 miles. If I don’t run 25 this week, I’ll maintain the 35 again. After the down week, I plan to ramp up to nearly 40 miles.

So what does your running/exercise schedule look like next week?



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