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Doubts, murmurs, second thoughts….

Doubts are starting to fill my idled mind. Can I do this? Can I meet my goals? I have no doubt of my ability to run 13.1 miles, or 26.2 miles, or further, if I decided to. My big doubts are surrounding the fact that can I race the distance. I know I’m still fairly … Continue reading

Week 6 of Training–Week of Rest

This weeks theme: Rest! Much needed rest. I only ran 3 days, and basically slept the rest of the week away. It felt wonderful. I didn’t feel burnt out yet, but I thought it better to rest some now before my body made it mandatory later.  No cold hard facts this week, just two 6 … Continue reading

Week 5 of Training

Cold Hard Facts: Miles Ran-40.27 (up 5 miles from last week) Days Ran-5 Total Time Spent Running-6hrs8minutes Avg Speed-6.6mph (a tad slower than the week before)   I’m not too sure what happened to the blog post for the week ending on Febuary 5th, but here’s the quick and skinny of it all. Monday: 7 … Continue reading