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Week 5 of Training

Cold Hard Facts:

Miles Ran-40.27 (up 5 miles from last week)
Days Ran-5
Total Time Spent Running-6hrs8minutes
Avg Speed-6.6mph (a tad slower than the week before)

I’m not too sure what happened to the blog post for the week ending on Febuary 5th, but here’s the quick and skinny of it all.

Monday: 7 miles. Ran near home, up a monster hill around the 5 mile marker.

Tuesday: Long run day. Real Long. 16 miles. Took just shy of 2.5 hours, on a mostly flat course.

Wednesday and Thursday off, legs were pretty beat up from the long run. It was also my two days to work.

Friday: Easy run around block. 4 miles

Saturday: Ran with running buddy Mike for the first 6, then ran 4 more alone, for 10 total. Took roughly 1.5hrs.

Sunday: attempted hill repeats. The garmin elevation profile completely embarrassed me after the fact. Went up one hill for 7 repeats, then got bored and found a second hill for an additional 2 repeats. Pitiful. I swear there are hills I ran up. Honestly. 3 miles total.

"Hill" repeats




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