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Week 6 of Training–Week of Rest

This weeks theme: Rest! Much needed rest.

I only ran 3 days, and basically slept the rest of the week away. It felt wonderful. I didn’t feel burnt out yet, but I thought it better to rest some now before my body made it mandatory later.  No cold hard facts this week, just two 6 milers  and a 12 mile on Sunday to participate in Stetthatrun.com’s Virtual 12-a-thon.

The two six milers were ran with running partner Mike again, but the 12 miler was a solo run.


The thing with the 12 today was I wanted a challenge, over and above the challenge offered by the 12-a-thon. Originally I was headed to Martinsville to try the 1/2 course on for size, as it’s been quite some time since I ran on the Dick & Willie Rail Trail, but I procrastinated too long, and wound up running closer to home. I thought about the Danville 1/2 course, but it’s awfully flat. It has also gotten stale for me as well, as I run down there 2-4x per week. I decided to start near a trail head for the riverwalk trail, but then head up toward work ( a fairly hilly route) on the roads instead of the the trails. To grab some easy points for the 12-a-thon, I decided to cross the state line, which is just at the end of the road that Goodyear (the employer) is on. From there, and to be certain I would get the extra points for crossing the border, I went on down to the union hall, about 1 mile from the state line.


I managed in my procrastination to see the sun set while I was out running, which grabbed some extra easy points.

Crossing State Lines









After I finished and got back home, I decided to convince my wife to join me in the front yard near the creek to take a picture while  I did the “polar bear plunge” which consists of getting myself into a body of water, outside, when the temperature dropped below 32*.  After proclaiming that I am an idiot, and that I was going to catch pneumonia, she came out and snapped the picture. Later on, she asked who the fools were that organized this “fit of idiocy” (I believe that’s how she worded it). I then explained it was our friend Iris, which got the response of “we need to find her a job that keeps her away from a computer for so many hours of the day. It’s gotten to her head”.

Post Run Ice Bath



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