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Dusting off cobwebs…

Way back in 2012 I ran a bunch races and piled up mileage too quickly and wound up injured. I managed to pull out and still run the Martinsville half marathon but I was a lot slower than I was the year before. I wouldn’t allow myself any leeway for the fact that it was cold and pouring down rain on race day.   Shortly there after I gave up running for a long while.
Life just got in the way.

Between a new position at work; a divorce; and lots of other little things; I just didn’t take the time to go run regularly. 

I think in 3 years I did three 5k’s; and walked one of those (and be darned if I didn’t come in first overall doing that!)

Fast forward to January of 2015.

I was gaining weight; and my father nearly had a heart attack that the docs seem to think had the potential to have been fatal had it not been caught in time (95% blockage in the main artery on the front side of his heart). Thankfully he was alright but it got me to thinking about my own health.

I’m about to get remarried (just under 3 weeks!!) and am helping to raise the coolest kid in the world; and decided I just can’t drop dead in 25-30 years; I’ve got too much going for me. So on January 2; 2015 I went for a run.

It was bad. Real bad. I think 2 miles took something close to 22 minutes and when I got home everyone in the house thought I was dying. But two days later I did it again.

I kept it up all thru January running every other day & slowly increasing mileage; and made it to about 8 miles by the end of January.

Well being the competitive person that I am; I needed more motivation in the form of a race to work towards. 
I picked 2 half marathons; both of which I’ve ran previously-the Green Legs and Hamstrings Trail Race in Danville & the Martinsville Half Marathon in Martinsville Va .

They were the last 2 weeks (March 21 & March 28th).   I did very well in both- 2nd in my age group both races.

Next big race is in May- an Indoor Marathon. 86 laps from what I understand. I have a couple other races that I’m considering but the marathon is the goal race this Spring.

I’m using a very modified schedule that is essentially a base building schedule with a progressively longer LR every other week peaking with a 23mile LR about 3 weeks before my goal race.  It is a very lopsided schedule focusing almost solely on the LR. This week for example is a 31 mile week but I have a 17 mile LR. So 4-5-5-17 could take care of the week.  Next week is 5-5-5-19. After that it alternates weeks with a LR one week and 10 mile LR the next week. So I bounce weekly mileage 24-34-24-36-24-38 and so on. It seems to me that it builds in plenty of recovery there. It may be a bad plan; but it works very well with my life and my work schedule and I feel like I can stick to it; so I’m going to give it an honest effort and see how it winds up. I’ve said as long as I can finish the marathon distance in May I’ll be happy. After the last couple of races I’m wondering if I can land in the 3:30-3:45 range for it. Time will tell.

All this to say- hey y’all; I’m back!



2 thoughts on “Dusting off cobwebs…

  1. Welcome back 🙂 cheers!

    Posted by Sunny | March 27, 2015, 2:45 am

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