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Red Running Shoe Theory Strikes again!

So there are theories on the internet that red shoes make you faster/win races. Read about that here.   In light of the super bowl tonight, Sketchers also took note of said red shoe theory, and put it to the test with Mr. Quiggly. Guess what? Mr Quiggly also confirmed the theory! (in style no … Continue reading

Runners are Suckers.

Really. Think about it. Runners really are suckers for “stuff”.    Think about it: if it’s supposed to make you faster, stronger, injury-free, more entertained, etc; runners will try it. And it’s not just high tech devices, either (like the newest Garmin Data-collector awesome, but I’ll come back to it).   We like tech everything. Technical fabric … Continue reading

Races, races, and more races….

So, I really have to toot the horn of the local running club . They honestly put together an entire “season” of races, that let’s you race 9 months out of the year, taking the three cold months off as a break (Dec, Jan, Feb).  Most any distance you could want to run with the … Continue reading