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I’m Bacccckkkkk……..

Well; I’m officially back now. Sort of. The MD has me on an extremely light (IMO) schedule for a couple weeks; and then I’m headed back to him to take more x-rays again and see if  the bone still looks solid. The pre-run was nerve racking; for sure. I was more nervous about this than … Continue reading

Physical Therapy Is Done!

That was short and sweet; just like I hoped it would be….mainly because I saw no benefit from it. Other than the fact that it got me moving again….I did not see where I gained any real abilities back from it; but anyway. After a return visit with the MD today; I found that I … Continue reading

Week 2 of Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is dull. I may have already said that though. But none the less; I’m going to keep at it. I’m hoping it’s doing some good. The physical therapist keeps looking for something that’s either challenging and/or painful so she has something to “fix”. Nothing yet though. She has me doing several stretches that … Continue reading