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Dusting off cobwebs…

Way back in 2012 I ran a bunch races and piled up mileage too quickly and wound up injured. I managed to pull out and still run the Martinsville half marathon but I was a lot slower than I was the year before. I wouldn’t allow myself any leeway for the fact that it was … Continue reading

Training Schedules

Reading Josh‘s blog about stretching & toilets (interesting theory, by the way…check it out) got the wheels to turning about training programs. I feel like it’s time for me to start with one again. Otherwise it seems like I’m lost and slacking. I have a generalized idea of what I’m doing and where I’m heading … Continue reading

SHODLESS! full run report

So early this morning or possibly last night I decided that my neighborhood 5k had already gotten stale and boring. Time to switch it up. The plan: Conquer the hill that conquered my hip.  (oh, I’m officially blaming the hill for the stress fracture that started the whole mess now, by the way. The hill … Continue reading