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8 days later

Well; I’m 8 days post injury now. I’m starting to get pretty good with a set of crutches; although they are absolutely exhausting still. Steps aren’t nearly the challenge they were last Sunday. I guess I have to take progress where ever I can. I’m able to get up and get out of the house … Continue reading

Good Report. Still Depressed.

It’s official. I’ve had enough now. I hope maybe it’s just a bad day; and after I sleep tonight; tomorrow it will be all better. Maybe. Probably not though. Depression is not something I normally deal with; I’ve never had problems in the past. But this injury is getting the best of me.  I’m tired … Continue reading

48 Hours down; 960 To Go…

Well its been 48 hours since I had my surgery; and I’ve been home since yesterday at 3pm. No more morphine button; which is saddening. Truly. But they give really good pills to help make up the difference. All jokes aside; the pain (which i was taught to put on a 1-10 scale) is generally … Continue reading