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So the MD has me real excited thinking that I may be able to start running again really soon….( less than 2.5 weeks from today! woot!) But I’ve been thinking about what made me take this 3 month  hiatus in the first place; and how I can try to avoid it in the future. I’ve … Continue reading

Healing is Boring.

So I hear my “blog fans” (when did I get important enough to get a fan?) are “clamoring for a recovery update”.  Fans or not; it’s nice to know i have at least a few friends who care.  Healing is a boring process at this point; but; it’s been more than a week since I … Continue reading

8 days later

Well; I’m 8 days post injury now. I’m starting to get pretty good with a set of crutches; although they are absolutely exhausting still. Steps aren’t nearly the challenge they were last Sunday. I guess I have to take progress where ever I can. I’m able to get up and get out of the house … Continue reading